Wednesday, October 08, 2003

ScienceDirect - International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture : Optimization of multi-pass turning operations using ant colony system: "This paper proposes a new optimization technique based on the ant colony algorithm for solving multi-pass turning optimization problems.The natural metaphor on which ant algorithms are based is that of ant colonies. Researchers are fascinated by seeing the ability of the almost blind ants in establishing the shortest route from their nests to the food source and back. These ants secrete a substance, called a ‘pheromone’ and use its trails as a medium for communicating information among each other. The probability of the trail being followed by other ants is enhanced by increased trail deposition of others following this trail. This co-operative search behavior of real ants inspired the new computational paradigm for optimizing real-lifesystems and it is suited for solving large-scale optimization problems. "


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