Friday, January 02, 2004

Journal of Biogeography: Community organization and species richness of ants (Hymenoptera/ Formicidae) in Mongolia along an ecological gradient from steppe to Gobi desert:
Pfeiffer et al. present the, in their words, "first comprehensive study of ant communities in Mongolia, conducted along a north-to-south gradient in climate". They baited ants with seeds and collected 15 species (Cataglyphis, Formica, Lasius, Leptothorax, Messor, Myrmica, Plagiolepis, Proformica, Tetramorium; Cataglyphis aenescens and Messor aciculatus). Their main conclusion: "The ant communities in the Mongolian steppe and desert zones were strongly influenced by low temperatures and differed in many aspects from the ant fauna in other arid ecosystems, especially in terms of species richness, diversity of feeding guilds, and richness of functional groups."


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