Monday, December 06, 2004

Busy, busy, busy...

The past month has seen the usual flurry of articles on ant research. There's more out there than I can possibly blog. The latest Insectes Sociaux is out, chock-full of ant goodies. For sheer drama, I recommend Powell and Clark's study on combat between Atta and Nomamyrmex.

There are several ant/social insect articles in December's Naturwissenschaften. This month's Evolution contains an article on genetic population structure in European Formica. If microsatellites are your thing, the latest issue of Molecular Ecology Notes reports microsatellites in Oecophylla, Pachycondyla, and Cataglyphis. Neotropical ant taxonomy buffs should see Lacau et al's new Typhlomyrmex species in Zootaxa. Ipser et al document the ground-dwelling ants of Georgia in The Florida Entomologist.

If your brain hurts from poring over research reports, you can always take a break to look at the new pretty ant pictures I've posted at Like this lovely Formica oreas from the Sierra Nevada:

More research to come. I'll be posting several new Argentine ant articles shortly, and some findings from European Formica that don't bode well for those trendy mtDNA "barcoding" projects.


At 12:49 AM, Blogger cpkhs said...

Wow, it is amazing how all the ant-(research/)work-ers are busy. The more important will be a site like this to sum up all the news. And this is done by Alex excellently. No wonder that this page now is the no.1 hit when giving in the term "ant news" in google... Thank`s to Alex for so improving this site!

Merry xmas and all the best for 2005,


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